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Introducing Heat Design Equipment for Australian asphalt pavement repair and restoration

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Australian branch of Heat Design Equipment Australia. Heat Design Equipment is the world leader in infrared asphalt road maintenance and repair equipment. With head office in Canada and a thriving operation in USA, Mexico, China and Europe, this leading brand has now made its way to Australia and New Zealand.

Our infrared equipment has the capacity to reduce overheads and time to complete works by as much as 1/5th of that of a conventional job.

Once you join forces with Heat Design Equipment Australia & New Zealand you will become part of the largest infrared family in the industry with the goal to grow the infrared market to economically and efficiently meet the needs of the pavement restoration business.  We will not only sell you the best quality equipment in the marketplace but we will ensure our customers are properly trained in the equipment’s use and maintenance.

Are you constantly filling the same potholes over and over again only to see your maintenance dollars wasted?

Infrared technology will add 5 years to the life cycle of your pavements while saving your agency hundreds of thousands of dollars in cheap repetitive repairs and premature overlays. Repair potholes right the first time and buy yourself some time to overlay when the whole road is ready for new asphalt. Infrared asphalt restoration is now spreading to all parts of the world as an economical permanent solution to potholes, settled utility cuts, and other asphalt surface failures. When used properly, infrared heat technology can make the most common complaints of the travelling public become a call of thanks by making the humps and bumps of potholes and utility cuts smooth again. Infrared asphalt restoration can be one of your most valuable pavement management tools when used properly. With a continually increasing cost to roadway paving, it only makes sense to learn about innovative ways to stretch the taxpayer’s dollars.

Got Potholes? Infrared asphalt restoration may be your solution.

Why choose infrared to repair asphalt pavement

SAVE TIME AND LABOUR  Repairs can be made in a fraction of the time of conventional methods, a
typical 1500x2100mm repair takes two people 20 minutes to complete

LESS DISRUPTION  The road can be re-opened to traffic immediately after the repair

SUSTAINABLE  The thermal bonding of the asphalt repair with the surrounding pavement makes the repair an integral piece of the pavement,
no cold seam is left for water to re-enter and cause joint failure

RECYCLE  Existing asphalt is reused, leaving little or no wasted material leading to less handling and disposal costs

COST  The savings realised in materials, manpower and machinery make infrared repairs less expensive than conventional repairs


Heat Design Equipment (AUST) Pty Ltd
3 Bolitho Street, Sunshine, Victoria, Australia 3020 Tel: 1300 133 193
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